The Turkish for Diplomacy Program at Karaman Language Solutions provides intensive and part-time Turkish language training to diplomats, ambassadors, government and embassy officials and representatives of international and nongovernmental organizations. The program is designed to further develop and enhance the your ability and confidence in all aspects of your Turkish language skills and cultural awareness.

The program aims to encourage you to develop your ability to :

  • Read and understand newspaper and magazine articles on politics, economics, commerce, culture and social affairs

  • Listen to and understand radio and television programs on politics, economics, commerce, culture and social affairs

  • Improve your writing skills, focusing in particular on emails, letters and reports


Activities and Techniques:

  • Fluency Activities

  • Vocabulary Activities

  • Grammar Activities

  • Pronunciation

  • Interaction



15/20/25/30 hours per week (or we can work around your schedule).

We ensure that the pace and level of teaching is appropriate for you.

Individual coaching is the most effective and efficient way to learn, which is why our training program is the most effective way to learn Turkish.

The Turkish for Diplomacy program focuses on developing the key linguistic skills required by clients in the field of international diplomacy, including:

  • Diplomatic correspondence and report writing

  • Linguistic techniques for handling media interviews

  • Speech writing and delivery

  • Language of persuasion and negotiation, acquiescence and refusal

  • Linguistic precision and techniques for paraphrasing and clarifying

  • Employing and understanding humour, sarcasm, hyperbole and understatement

  • Making ‘small talk’ at meetings, receptions and official events

  • Making impromptu speeches and toasts

  • Elocution training and accent reduction

  • Apologizing

Pre-course assessment
The pre‐course assessment is designed to assist tutors to identify areas for improvement in the client’s Turkish capabilities. The pre‐course assessment will be used as a basis for the instructors to select the appropriate teaching methodologies and allocate a team of tutors to the client. It is sometimes necessary to arrange a telephone or online interview before the course starts to
help clarify certain details.


Call us at +1 202 656 2930 or send us a message below, and our Program Assistant will talk you through the program.