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We teach Turkish and English language classes, create teaching materials and translate between Turkish and English to remove the language barriers in your life.

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As someone who has studied Turkish with many teachers over the past few years, I can honestly say that the level of energy and enthusiasm that Mukaddes brings to her classroom is unsurpassed. Her lessons are fully engaging and her passion for language learning is infectious. Most importantly, I am impressed with Mukaddes’ ability to create meaningful relationships with her students in and out of the classroom. If you are looking for a language teacher who not only designs exciting and creative lessons, but also, genuinely cares about her students, then Mukaddes is the perfect candidate. I recommend her without hesitation.
Mukaddes was my favorite teacher at UW-Madison. She is an extremely hard worker, dedicated to her job, and very personable. She taught me and my fellow students Turkish in a way that would make us remember the concepts we needed to know in a fun way. One of the reasons she is so great to be around is because she really cares about her students, which always makes class time that much more worthwhile.
— Yunus Church

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