online turkish language courses

Online Classes

Karaman Language Solutions offers pre-recorded, self-paced online classes that you can take from any location in the world at your own pace regardless of differences in time zones. The classes are focused on building Turkish proficiency and focus on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. 

While the courses are pre-recorded and great for self-learners, you can contact the instructor at any time during the course with your questions regarding the content or ask for feedback on your work. 

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Distance Learning

For your Online Turkish Language and Culture training program, we will create a customized curriculum and select appropriate materials for your course based on your individual goals for learning Turkish.

Our Distance Learning courses are taught by qualified native teachers in a live, interactive virtual classroom. Depending on your specific needs, you may choose to take classes exclusively in our live virtual classroom or through a blended program of both online and on-site classes.


“I stumbled upon the Beginner I course while I was searching the internet for an online Turkish language class. Learning a foreign language is not easy, but I found this course to be super easy to follow. I actually learned quite a bit of Turkish from this course in just a few days.”

- Phil E.



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“This course is hands-down the BEST Turkish beginner course out there. I have taken several online Turkish courses before and they all left me feeling confused and discouraged. I gave this course a try and couldn’t believe how quickly I learned some basic Turkish phrases and foundational grammar. The instructor seems to know what she is doing and as a learner it makes a difference to learn from an experienced instructor rather than an aspiring one. I wish I had seen this course before wasting my money and time on other courses.

- Nour A.