Turkish and English Language Curriculum and Syllabus Design Services

Karaman Language Solutions develops customized, proficiency-based and capability-based curricula focused on our customer’s teaching and learning objectives. Our instructional design experts, experienced linguists, and editing team work together to create Turkish and English language curricula according to each client’s unique needs and preferences.

Curriculum Development Services

• Face-to-Face Classroom Materials

• Online Learning Programs

• Self-study Materials

• Customized Teaching & Learning Syllabus



At the core of every foreign language lesson, there should be clear objectives for the learner to achieve. A successfully designed language program focuses on the objectives with its specific language classroom and the participants within it. Karaman Language Solutions designs and delivers Turkish and English as a foreign language curriculum services to meet individual and organizational needs of foreign language programs. 

We provide a curriculum that offers, 

• An accessible framework of the knowledge and skills on which teachers and learners will work

• A sense of continuity and direction in the teacher’s and learners’ work

• A retrospective account of what has been achieved

• A basis on which learner progress may be evaluated

Curriculum Development

At Karaman Language Solutions, we serve individuals, government and non-government clients with an experienced team of curriculum development subject matter experts (SMEs), target language developers, project managers, and production experts. All members of the curriculum development team have expertise in instructional design and foreign language education. Our work is tailored specifically for your needs and we will work closely with you to ensure the curriculum is matches your course objectives.

Curriculum development services:

Proficiency-based curriculum

Curriculum Development experts at Karaman Language Solutions designs your program based on a combination of the level of proficiency required and the specific needs of the individual students. The curriculum works towards the objective of the learners' meeting or exceeding those requirements.

Performance-based curriculum

Karaman Language Solutions's expert language instructors and testers design a language and culture-focused program to help learners achieve higher scores on Turkish and English language proficiency tests. These tests, such as the ACTFL OPI, ILR Assessment, TOEFL, and the IELTS, measure a person's ability to function well in a particular setting. Therefore, this service can be combined with an in-person or online language coaching sessions or mock assessment exercises to ensure that the learners are better prepared to achieve a higher score on the actual language proficiency test. 

Blended learning

Karaman Language Solutions designs a tailored group and individual instruction through a combination of in-class, teacher-led instruction, self-study, and distance or online learning that accommodates every student’s schedule and learning goals.

Self-study programs

Karaman Language Solutions offers a combination of online instruction, textbooks, authentic material, and exercises which prepare students to achieve their proficiency or performance needs.


Please contact us with your specific curriculum needs.